Yoga For Children

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Opleiding Yoga For Children

Do you want to teach yoga to (your) children? At home, at school, at camp, … you can apply this course anywhere!

You learn how to introduce yoga to children so that they can get the right knowledge and techniques to withstand future stress or mental inhibitions. You get started with child-friendly poses, breathing techniques and game forms with which your children can have fun and relax. In this way every child will get the most out of from these lessons.

Childcare workers, teachers, parents, … everyone who interacts with children on a daily basis and the benefits of yoga wants to give a lot of benefits and satisfaction from this course.


  • The history of yoga
  • The target groups and objectives of yoga
  • The healing effects of yoga on the body?
  • What theoretical background do you need?
  • Step-by-step explanation and illustrations with the poses
  • Meditation
  • Yoga series
  • Examples of creative and interactive yoga classes for children
  • How to get started as an instructor yourself


  • Recognize tensions in children
  • Unwind tensions using Yoga for Children
  • Organize workshops yourself
  • Get started as a Yoga Teacher for Children
  • Working correctly with yoga postures and asanas

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