Sport Physiology

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Opleiding Sport Physiology

The number of athletes is increasing, but often the sporting goals are tackled without sufficient knowledge about training and possible injuries. As a result, many athletes are full of questions about how they can best pursue their sporting dreams. As a Sports Physiologist, you answer all these questions in a competent and scientifically supported manner.

During this home course you study the influence of physical exertion and environmental factors on the sporting body. You know how each body optimally adapts to different circumstances. This way you can give personalized advice to athletes or athletes from any target group. That makes your expertise sought after in the sports world soon! Sports clubs, fitness centers or exercise coaches? They are all eager to engage your knowledge and skills.


  • What is sports physiology?
  • Training: principles, forms and methods
  • What to do in the event of overtraining?
  • Adjust your training: breathing to the nervous system
  • The role of environmental factors
  • Nutrition
  • Age and gender
  • Temperature and altitude


  • Understand the body like never before: you look at the effect of sport on your entire functioning
  • Adjust training perfectly to get the best results
  • Yourself and / or help customers to exercise better and more efficiently and thus improve their lives

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