Smoking Cessation Counselor

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Opleiding Smoking Cessation Counselor

Whatever some people claim, quitting smoking is always difficult. Tens of thousands of people try it on their own every year. Only a fraction really succeed in stopping definitively. The rest relapses or looks for expert help. Do you want to guide professional smokers to a cigarette-free existence? Then a home study Smoke Stop Consultant is definitely for you!

In this course you will discover how you support people while they stop smoking. You become acquainted with the effects of smoking on health and you learn how to guide people in a targeted way. Research has shown that those who quit smoking under professional supervision have significantly higher chances of success to remain smoke-free in the long term. Your help helps!


  • Smoking as an addiction
  • Health effects of smoking
  • Tools and medicines
  • Methods to quit smoking
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Methods to quit smoking
  • Motivation to quit smoking
  • Step-by-step plan for treatment: STIMEDIC and the stop-step plan
  • Start as an independent Smoke-Stop Consultant


  • You know everything about the background, effect and dangers of smoking
  • Understand different methods to lead people to a smoke-free existence
  • Offer customers a clear step-by-step plan to tackle their addiction

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