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Opleiding Singing

Everyone can sing. You too!

Is the shower your stage, but are you secretly dreaming of a singing career? Do you sing in a band and wonder why your voice is tired after the rehearsal? Do you sing in a choir and don’t always know if you hit the right note? Do you want to discover and develop your own voice? Then this home course is just what you need!

This course teaches you step by step to sing clear, sound and compelling. Even if you don’t know anything about singing, you will experience a lot of pleasure in this home course. Turn your voice into your musical instrument! Amaze your friends with your singing talent! You blow your audience down like a true virtuoso. Music, maestro!


  • Your Future Opportunities as a Singer / Singer
  • Anatomy of the Voice
  • Discover Your Own Voice
  • Use Your Voice Correctly
  • < li> Notes and the different scales
  • Professional breathing techniques
  • The importance of a good singing attitude
  • Different styles of music
  • Aspects of voice hygiene
  • Self-confident singing in front of an audience


  • Music theory, professional breathing techniques and music styles? You know everything about it!
  • Maintain a correct singing posture and realize that your voice can do much more than you think
  • Sing in a self-confident and convincing way for a large audience

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