Reading cards with Lenormand (Hobby)

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Opleiding Reading cards with Lenormand (Hobby)

Immerse yourself in the world of Lenormand Map Reading and look for answers to the questions you are dealing with. A unique opportunity since this mystical technique is becoming increasingly popular. Because Lenor cards are more concrete, accurate and practical than the known Tarot reading. Register now and discover thanks to this fascinating and inspiring hobby course how to read and interpret the cards. In this way you learn to recognize problems and opportunities, to make concrete predictions and even to find lost objects. And all from the comfort of your own home. Search for the meaning of your life and walk a new and enlightened path of life.


  • Background and origin of the Lenormand cards
  • The different cards and their meanings
  • Positive and negative aspects, time and archetypes in the cards
  • The meaning lists and detailed map layouts
  • Various methods of The Great Legging
  • The hidden map


With the knowledge and skills you learn thanks to this hobby course, you will get started right away. So you will soon read the cards of yourself or friends and family. Find an answer to all your questions and go for a positive future!

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