Piano Playing

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Opleiding Piano Playing

Would you like to learn to play the piano? It is a versatile instrument and fits in almost every conceivable music genre. Do you want to follow in the footsteps of your idol? Don’t have time to take piano lessons at the music school? Then this fun, practical home study is ideal for you.

This course is open to everyone. You need no prior knowledge to get started, not even about note theory. Whether you want to play jazz, soul or classical, this is all possible with this home course. Step by step learn everything at your own pace and from home with the online guidance of a trained pianist and experienced music teacher.

This way you can quickly copy numerous well-known songs and even compose your own music pieces! Register and launch yourself as the Chopin of the 21st century!


  • The posture and numbering of the fingers
  • Scales, dynamic characters and intervals
  • The different chords
  • Well-known pianists and composers
  • Different types of pianos
  • Your future possibilities as a pianist


  • You adopt a correct posture and use the right fingers
  • You play the great classics and popular songs smoothly and perfectly.
  • Reading notes and rhythm know no secrets more for you
  • You compose your own music pieces

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