Physics (Basic)

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Opleiding Physics (Basic)

Are you interested in the forces of nature such as gravity, magnetism, how the Faraday cage works? Are you fascinated by the explanation behind these phenomen? Do you want to learn more about matter, radiation and energy? Then this home study is for you!

The biggest advantage of a home study is the flexibility. You decide yourself when and for how long you want to study. This way you can complete the Basic Physics course at your own pace. You can therefore perfectly combine this course with your other activities. In any case, it is a great opportunity to learn more and upgrade your skills!


  • Mass, volume and density, solubility, and inter-molecular attraction forces
  • Aggregation states and particle model
  • Gases and gas laws; melting and solidifying; evaporation and condensation
  • Surface tension and capillarity: cohesion and adhesion
  • Diffusion, osmosis and viscosity
  • Electric charge and basic concepts of an electrical current
  • The electrical resistance and Ohm’s law with the potential, voltage and electrical circuits – the energy and power of electrical current
  • Switching resistors: in series or parallel, alternating current or alternating voltage, the law of Pouillet
  • Waves and vibrations: origin and application areas


  • Calculate mass, volume and density, solubility, and intermolecular attraction forces as if it were second nature to you
  • Describe aggregate states correctly
  • Cohesion, adhesion, electrical charge, energy and power calculate? You can do it all!
  • Switching resistors no longer holds any secrets for you

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