Natural Sciences (Basic)

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Opleiding Natural Sciences (Basic)

Have you been wondering for years how DNA works? Do you want to know why some sounds sound so bright? Do you have no idea what alkanoic acids are? No worries! This accessible home study Natural Sciences (Basic) answers all your general questions about biology, physics and chemistry.

This course offers you a total package. You will learn more about genes, proteins, alcohols, electromagnetic waves and so much more. From the comfort of your own home and at your own pace you expand your knowledge of the wonderful world.

After this home study you have a general basic knowledge that allows you to talk about different scientific themes. This is useful if you want to help your children with their homework, if you watch an interesting documentary on TV, or if you simply want to know more about the fascinating and unique world we live in.


  • Humans on a cellular level
  • Fertilization, reproduction and development of a fertilized egg
  • The laws of Mendel
  • Hereditary material in humans
  • Modifications, mutations and genetic disorders
  • Proteins: structure and protein synthesis
  • Organic compounds: from alkanes and alkenes to alcohols and phenols
  • generation of vibrations and waves
  • Sound waves and electromagnetic waves


  • You know everything about organic compounds
  • You understand the role of genes and DNA in human reproduction
  • Vibration and sound waves? You know everything about that!

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