First Aid for Animals

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Opleiding First Aid for Animals

You love your pet. Watching them playfully roll around just gives you joy. This effective practice-oriented home course gives you all the skills you may need. Learn everything you need about animal anatomy and successfully treating injuries. Our professionals are teaching you to recognize and confidently treat various issues. Whether you like to better take care of your own pet, or use your new skills professionally, this course is guaranteed to give you everything you need. Sign up now and become a capable Animal First Aid expert!


  • What is first aid?
  • First aid basics
  • General research
  • Transporting an injured animal?
  • Administering medication?
  • First aid for the respiratory and circulatory system
  • First aid for the skin
  • First aid for the movement system
  • First aid for the digestive system
  • First aid for the reproductive system
  • First aid for the urinary system
  • First aid for the nervous system
  • Allergies
  • Poisons
  • General problems
  • Finding a wild animal
  • First aid kit contents?
  • Starting as an independent entrepreneur


  • Know how to quickly and confidently react in every situation
  • Master the most important techniques to help different animal species
  • Recognize systems and make an expert diagnosis

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