Fear of Failure (Dealing with)

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Opleiding Fear of Failure (Dealing with)

We can all remember a situation in which the fear of failure overwhelmed: an exam, a presentation, a major project, … A busy life and high expectations can sometimes cause fear to pop up and you experience a feeling of paralysis. Not sure how to handle this? Then this course is for you!

The course is intended for people who want to learn how to deal with this, but also to coach others in the process. You learn to identify the causes, apply different techniques and relaxation exercises, and you receive assertiveness training to be stronger in your shoes. That way you will be able to keep your fear and the situation under control in a more focused and efficient way next time.


  • What is fear of failure and what is at the basis of fear of failure?
  • Physical exercises and resilience training
  • G-thinking: from a non-helping thought to a helping thought
  • Assertiveness: how do I stand stronger in my shoes?
  • An analysis of the body language
  • Fear of fear and aggression: what influence does this have on me?
  • The various relaxation exercises that can help you
  • Bullying and fear of failure – how do I deal with this?
  • Dealing with fear of failure for parents and teachers
  • How do you guide someone with fear of failure?


  • G thinking and assertiveness? You know everything about it
  • Effective relaxation exercises and resilience training
  • Dealing expertly with fear of failure and guiding someone with fear of failure

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