Energetic Therapy

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Opleiding Energetic Therapy

Do you like helping people through difficult periods? With this training you help your clients on their way to a happy and healthy life full of energy!

Our current society is moving fast. People are prone to experiencing depressions, burnouts and other ailments more than ever. As an Energetic Therapist you are looking for certain blockages that cause stress, fatigue and mental problems. You use specific techniques to allow the universal life energy to flow freely again through the body and mind of your clients!

At your own pace and from the comfort of your own home you develop yourself into an expert Energetic Therapist!


  • The layers and properties of the aura
  • The different chakras and their functioning
  • The phases of an energetic treatment
  • Reiki or the universal life energy
  • Healing, aura and chakra therapy
  • Gemstone therapy and crystal therapy
  • Your future possibilities as an Energetic Therapist
  • Finding your first clients


  • Apply treatment methods for the main meridians
  • Perform and guide meditation and energetic exercises
  • Expertly apply energetic treatment techniques
  • Provide appropriate energetic protection against negative energy

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