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Opleiding Dreamweaver

Many professionals rely on Dreamweaver to create innovative, sleek and dynamic websites. The program is accessible for beginners and also offers you all the tools needed in order to set up a fresh and user-friendly website. From the structure of the websites to images and text, to a finished product with a sublime design. You will be able to do it yourself soon!

Do you like working creatively on the computer? Do you want to enjoy yourself making professional, beautiful and functional websites? Then this course lets you build your ideas step by step and develop them into a stylish and interactive website live on the screen!


  • The Dreamweaver interface
  • Inter (connected) net (works)
  • The structure of a website, root folder, camelcase
  • HTML5 learning to use: elements, attributes and values
  • Creating tables in html
  • Working out a design
  • Adjusting the layout
  • Getting started with the graphics
  • CSS & FTP: fonts, selectors, rendering rules
  • Site management
  • You as a web designer, web developer, web programmer


  • Know and use all Dreamweaver tools
  • Being able to create a complete website from A to Z with Dreamweaver
  • Being able to work professionally with CSS & FTP
  • Being able to creatively develop and optimize your client’s ideas

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