Digital Photography

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Opleiding Digital Photography

We live in a visual world. Pictures are everywhere – and only the best get noticed. So, the question is – do you want to get noticed?

Welcome to our Digital Photography home course!

Learn about photography gear and gain an understanding of lighting and composition. Notice the quality of your photos skyrocket, and quickly master both the artistic and the technical sides of being a successful photographer.

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  • Body shots
  • Camera work
  • Eyepiece, flash, mirror, image sensor & shutter
  • Objects, zoom & image stabilizer
  • Camera settings and programs
  • White balance, shutter speed & ISO
  • Pixels, RGB, PPI, DPI & Resolution
  • File formats & the histogram
  • Digital camera accessories
  • Exposure, focal length, focusing & focus
  • Using light metering and colors
  • Techniques as creative tools
  • Composition of a good photo


  • Say goodbye to automatic mode and take control yourself
  • Mastery of different photo effects and depths of field
  • The lighting triangle is your playing field
  • Using camera angles and compositions as artistic instruments

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