Budget Cooking

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Opleiding Budget Cooking

You love good food- but the better it is, the more expensive it can become.

How often do you want to treat yourself, but feel guilty when you get to the cash register?

Imagine being able to put together amazing meals without your wallet taking a hit…

Then Budget Cooking has exactly what you’re looking for. This home course will teach you to easily stick to your budget while preparing mouthwatering meals. You’ll become an expert at finding and using cheap ingredients and riding the seasonal product waves. Of course, you’ll also get a lot of delicious, budget-friendly recipes.

Sign up today, so your diet AND your wallet can thank you tomorrow!


  • Cheap ingredients
  • Seasonal products
  • Creating tight shopping lists
  • Numerous easy and quick recipes
  • What is meal prep?
  • How to keep your budget under control
  • Multi-person cooking
  • Healthy living on a budget


  • Plan a successful shopping trip on a budget
  • Being able to cook cheaply and healthily
  • Being able to prepare different types of meals

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