Basic Biology

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Opleiding Basic Biology

Whether you are studying for your A2 degree, or you want to brush up on your general knowledge of biology, this course gives you a complete picture of various fascinating themes ranging from evolutionary theory and genetics, to diseases and people at the cellular level.

Thanks to the professional guidance of your teacher, you will learn how Mendel discovered the recessive and dominant gene, whether a cold is caused by a virus or a bacterium, and to what extent we descend from monkeys. The course reads like a clear story that explains everything step by step so that you know how to reproduce the knowledge yourself.

You will be amazed how often you will be able to use your ready knowledge about biology in daily life.


  • Humans on a cellular level: structure of the cell, DNA and RNA
  • How does fertilization and childbirth progress
  • Human hereditary material and genetic predispositions
  • The theory of evolution, Darwinism and other theories
  • Mendel and the system of back-crossing
  • Mutations
  • About evolution, until now
  • The lineage of humans
  • Diseases, microbes, parasites, viruses and bacteria


  • You know the influence of genetics on evolution
  • You can link diseases to bacteria and viruses
  • You know the evolution theories and the most important scientists responsible for them

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