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Opleiding Autobiography Writer

Have you already had an eventful or impressive life? Do you want to write about your life story? Or do you know an incredible amount about a specific person? Then it’s time to get started with writing about that unique experience or interest. Follow this home study and grow into popular (auto) biographer!

This course focuses on the details that determine a person’s character and life. You study what makes a (auto) biography compelling. This course helps you develop an attractive writing style. You learn how to target a certain target group and how to write with attention for your audience.

The result of your efforts? Your story will sell! This is how you inspire people while also earning something from it. That’s a win-win situation.


  • Who are your readers?
  • Writing and the emotional process
  • Determine form and position
  • Events and environment
  • Characters and people
  • Synopsis and chapter layout
  • Form, layout and working title
  • Description, quote and dialogue
  • Flashbacks, flash-forwards, hints, historical perspective
  • Grammar
  • Publish and start as an independent (Auto) biographer


  • Collect and organize a range of information
  • Use flashbacks, flash-forwards, hints or historical perspective? You can do it all!
  • Create a compelling work with compelling plot lines and interesting characters
  • Prepare your (auto) biography professionally for publication

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