Animal Alternative Therapist

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Opleiding Animal Alternative Therapist

Alternative natural treatments save a lot of time and money and make your animals resistant to typical ailments. Do you have pets at home? Or do you work with animals? Do you want to heal them and keep them healthy without paying a fortune for expensive traditional treatments?

With this practice-oriented home course you will learn all about natural medicines and alternative therapies.

From home and at the best price you will train yourself to become an alternative animal therapist who sets up a professional natural treatment for every sick animal! Employees of pet stores, animal shelters, zoos or farmers and concerned owners can all get started with this course!


  • What is alternative therapy correct?
  • Its positive power on animals
  • Ayurveda, auras, pranas and chakras
  • The healer in each living entity
  • Emotional imbalance as the cause of disease
  • Holistic view of diseases
  • Various therapies
  • Bioresonance
  • Herbal medicine
  • Alternative treatments from A to Z
  • Starting as an independent Alternative therapist for animals


  • You know all forms of therapy and you understand their emotional and physical impact
  • Minerals and crystals are your field of expertise
  • You bring animals and their owners back into balance
  • You give the most professional treatments
  • You provide good follow-up
  • You know everything to start your own practice

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