Alternative Nutritionist

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Opleiding Alternative Nutritionist

Eggs are bad for your cholesterol! Eggs are good for your heart! What is it now? Today, healthy eating is the ultimate hype. Thanks to social media and the internet, everyone immediately feels like an expert, but what about all those hip diets?

In this course you, will not only learn about the energy needs of your body, but also about the nutrients that contribute to this. Once you have mastered that, you can watch a whole menu of different diets. Vegetarianism and veganism, raw food and the paleo diet? They are all covered extensively!

Throughout the course you will find many tasty recipes, as well as useful tips and exercises. These help you and your potential clients on their way to a healthy and happy life!


  • Getting energy from food
  • Aerobic versus anaerobic combustion
  • Macro nutrients and moisture
  • Vegetarianism vs Veganism
  • Macrobiotic food
  • Raw food, what’s that?
  • The food hourglass
  • Various diets explained: the combination diet (Pascale Naessens), blood type diet, Paleo diet , etc.
  • Smoothies, detox and super foods
  • Sugar-free and gluten-free food


  • Set up professional nutrition schedules including tasty recipes and useful cooking tips
  • Alleviate and solve all kinds of health problems with alternative nutrition
  • Teach your clients how to live a healthy and balanced life full of energy
  • Know how to develop a successful business as an alternative nutrition expert

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